International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2017)

Developing Delineation Skill among Visually Impaired Students

Authors: [1] A. Selvi [2] Dr. G. Victoria Naomi

Pages: 91-92


The eye is truly a magnificent organ and our primary link to the outside world. The Spatial Abilities of Visually Impaired was compared with that of Blind-folded sighted students. Spatial Ability in this study is related to Delineation Skill. There are many reasons to be interested in spatial development. First, human spatial cognition plays a central role in our species’ evolution, adaptation, and current everyday functioning. Loss of vision is believed to have a great impact on the acquisition of spatial knowledge. Moreover, blindness has a negative impact on the development of blind people's spatial skills. It is often assumed that the spatial senses (vision, hearing and the tactual senses) operate as distinct and independent modalities and, moreover, that vision is crucial to the development of spatial abilities.