International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2017)

Innovative Teaching Strategies That Ensure Effective Learning

Authors: Kamal G. Manwani

Pages: 93-96


Teaching-Learning process has been evolving since the evolution of man with the underlying aim of bringing about a desired change through targeted interventions. Over the years various studies and philosophies have contributed towards making this a more formalized and focused process. However, excess strategizing and structuring has had its own counter impact on the effectiveness of teaching-learning, causing goal achievement to become a challenge. This challenge grows with the growing age of the learner. Senior school adolescent students, who have their own set of priorities allowing studies to take a backseat, pose a dilemma for their educators. Their lack of engagement and low motivation levels relegate classroom teaching to an undesirable routine activity. To prevent teaching-learning from becoming a mere transactional activity, it becomes imperative to blend new innovative strategies in Teacher Education. The aim of this paper is to emphasize creating an outcome based learning for adolescent students and establishing a strong teacher- learner bond. In this regard, it suggests incorporating the findings of medical researches based on human brain into Teacher Education. It further explores how by using these brain function pathways and processes, teaching strategies can be developed in order to ensure effective learning, long term retention and easy retrieval of learned concepts.