International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2017)

Shyness as a Psychological correlates of Internet Addiction

Authors: Nitu

Pages: 108-111


The present study was conducted on higher secondary students of Jamshedpur city. The sample size consists of 100 higher secondary students (50 boys and 50 girls). Objectives: To know the prevalence of internet addiction among the sample groups; to know the prevalence of shyness among sample groups; to find the interrelationship between internet addiction and shyness. Hypothesis: The prevalence of internet addiction will be vary among sample groups; the prevalence of shyness will be vary among sample groups; There will be positive interrelationship between internet addiction and shyness. Methodology: The sample was selected by random sampling. Kimberly Young Internet Addiction Scale (1996) and Cheek and Buss (1981) Shyness scale were used for data collection. The data were statistically analyzed using percentage analyses, Means, SD, t-test and Pearson ‘r’. Conclusion: Mean score for internet addiction scale was 35.82 and SD was 16.50. On shyness score mean was found 37.28 and SD was 5.42.The correlation between the two variables was found 0.19 which was significant at 0.1 levels. So, the correlation between these two variables is positive but not too strong.