International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2017)

Diagnostic Decision Tree for Specific Learning Disability

Authors: S. Venkatesan

Pages: 121-127


Learning disability is among the most abused and misunderstood upcoming conditions being identified in child clinical practice. In the absence of an official definition, combined with reliance on borrowed and offshore conceptualizations about the condition, professionals as well as parents appear to be miserably caught in the whirlpool of its diagnosis. To add to this confusion, a significant portion of the diagnostic errors result from inadequate knowledge, piecemeal observations and the absence of a complete picture on or about the condition. This paper seeks to highlight several problems and issues related to its nomenclature, definition, identification, diagnosis, classification, and formal certification of specific learning disabilities in the country. In doing so, the need for maintaining a developmental or longitudinal life span perspective is strongly recommended while undertaking differential diagnosis. A prototype on diagnostic decision making tree for specific learning disabilities is given. Its value and implications are presented and discussed in the light of recent rights based legislation that is happening in the country.