International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2017)

Differential Effects on Playing and Watching Videogames on the Problem Solving and Pro Social Behaviour of Middle School Students

Authors: [1] Dr. Smitha Baboo [2] Dr.Vasimalairaja

Pages: 11-14


Many researches that have done earlier on violent video games have deleterious effects (Anderson & Bushman, 2001; Anderson et al.). Contrary to conventional beliefs that playing video games is intellectually lazy and sedating, it turns out that playing these games promotes a wide range of cognitive skills. Evidences prove that skills that are important can be built or reinforced by videogames, like; playing games can improve the spatial visualization ability. Decades of research already exists on the effects of violent videogames on children and adolescents and its negative impact on their physical and mental health. More balanced perspective is needed for the negative effects of videogames and should throw more lights on the benefits of playing these games. This research article is aimed on the positive effects of videogames while playing and watching videogames on the problem th th solving and pro social behaviour. The present experimental study was based on forty five boys and forty five girls from 5 to 7 grade middle school children belonging to the age group 10-13 years. The results show that there is a difference in the problem solving and pro social behaviour while playing the videogame than while watching and boys show more significant difference than girls in problem solving and vice versa for the pro social behaviour.