International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2017)

Effectiveness of Play way technique to teach prepositions to children with hearing impairment at primary school level

Authors: [1] Dr Alok Kumar Upadhyay [2] Mrs. Neetu Pandey

Pages: 24-26


The current study was undertaken to investigate the effectiveness of play-way technique in teaching preposition in primary school children with hearing impairment. ten children with hearing loss of 60dB and above, in the age group 5 to 6 years, and having been inducted into primary education for more than a term of 6 months were selected for the study. The children had been formally introduced to prepositions in class, following which the group was randomly assigned to two experimental groups of five children each. This was followed by supplementary training through two play-way techniques akin to table and ball in one of the experimental group, while the other group continued with traditional paper-pencil exercises. At the end of a fortnight of training, the participant-children were tested for their skills for recall and comprehension. As the sample size was small lacking normality, the performance scores were subjected to non-parametric comparison employing Mann-Whitney test. The results revealed that play-way exercises were resulted in better learning with a statistically significant mean rank difference.