International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2017)

Work Related Stress of High School Teachers

Authors: Dr. A. Balamallika Devi

Pages: 31-34


Stress is inevitable in the execution of any piece of work in any organization. To certain extent it mobilizes individuals’ potentialities to work more effectively. Systematic study of teachers job stress, job satisfaction job involvement and the related personality disposition would suggest the educational administrators the required steps to be taken in ameliorating the debilitating effect of undue stress experienced by teachers in their profession. Work Related Stress (WRS) is stress caused or made worse by work. It simply refers to when a person perceives the work environment in such a way that his or her reaction involves feelings of an inability to cope. It may be caused by perceived/real pressures/deadlines/threats/anxieties within the working environment. ‘Stress occurs when an individual perceives an imbalance between the demands placed on them on the one hand, and their ability to cope on the other. People behave differently when under pressure:Some people feel very threatened but keep it to themselves, others behave in very aggressive ways, without acknowledging that their behaviour is caused by stress, others react to the same issue in quite calm ways, feeling nonthreatening and relaxed, others who are highly aware of their moods report that they are not very stressed by the issue, but enjoy its challenge, others have very low tolerance of any threats, and so find smaller, simpler demands made of them quite threatening and start feeling stressed as soon as these demands are made of them.