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(December 2017)

Promoting Strategies for Enhancing Quality of Primary Education in India towards Inclusive Growth

Authors: Dr. Rupesh Kumar

Pages: 12-14


Primary education is the first step towards the development of a nation which teaches us the basic fundamentals of code of conduct, perception and helping to maintain the relationship with others. India is still a developing nation; there have been major obstacles on the way of success. Since last few years India has implemented various policies related to primary education with support of UNICEF and other international bodies; such as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, ICDS (Integrated child’s development schemes) and also passed an act in 2005 on “Education to all”. Majority of our population is represented by youngsters who are below the age of 18 years and are not getting proper education and guidance for shaping their future. A high percentage of them withdraw themselves from primary education and initiate for their livelihood. Presently in various schemes the government provides free education to all youngsters for primary level and also provides scholarships, food facility to poor and needy children but still in primary school, there is a high rate of student’s turnover. The rural environment of India is not supporting to present policies of education run by government because of several reasons such as high unemployment rate, poverty, gender biasness, high mortality rate, high birth rate and also social prejudice and mindset of villagers. Education may be the master key for all youngsters which will open all the doors of success. In this paper, whole study is divided in to four major sections. Firstly, the discussion is made on significance, advantages, disadvantages and objective of the study. In this section researcher will focus on the different statiscal data, present status, government policies, mechanism of delivering primary education system. The third section will analyze the effective strategies for the betterment of present primary education system. At the end a rational and cumulative result will be given in conclusion.