International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2017)

Gender Based Comparative Analysis of Psychological Capital in R & D Organizations

Authors: [1] Pratibha [2] Dr. R. K. Sokhi

Pages: 15-18


This research paper critically examines gender based comparison of psychological capital in R & D organizations. For the purpose of the above said research paper, a sample of 140 working professionals of R & D Organizations viz male (70) and female (70) aged 22-55 years are selected. Psychological capital scale developed by Luthans (2007) was administered in order to attain their overall psychological capital score. Data was analysed using ‘t test’. Results indicated significant difference in male and female professionals of R & D organizations in sub-dimensions of psychological capital viz. Self-Efficacy. Male professionals are high in self- efficacy comparison to female professionals