International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2017)

Findout The Relationship of Creativity with Introversion-extroversion Among Adolescent Students

Authors: [1] Dr. Vandana Aggarwal [2] Dr. Gaurav Sacha

Pages: 19-22


Systematic educational research in creativity is an important and fruitful field of endeavor. The problem as complex as the concept is are uncertain and the results often are as conflicting as the subject is enticing and vital. Weather it is about the relation of creativity and various personality traits or about the possibility of facilitating creativity in the classroom, there seems to be almost as many points of view as there are related studies. Above all, very few studies have been conducted on extra version and introversion in relation to creativity. Even whatever has been studied regarding these variables with creativity show contradictory results so, the present investigation will prove to be useful from the teachers, guidance workers and school counselor's point of view.