International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2018)

Leadership Style of Head Teachers at Secondary Level in West Bengal

Authors: [1] Mr. Shankar Barman [2] Dr. Ramakanta Mohalik

Pages: 32-36


The main purpose of this paper is to study the leadership style of head teachers at secondary level as perceived by teachers. Survey research method was applied for studying the leadership style of head teacher with nine head teachers and 22 assistant teachers selected purposefully from Government secondary schools of Coochbehar district, West Bengal, India. Self-developed questionnaire consisting of 56 items, based on head teacher leadership style was used for data collection. The collected data were analyzed by using percentage, frequency and accordingly interpretations are drawn. The study found that i) 77.3% of teachers agreed that HT have a deep rooted understanding of the school functioning. ii) 81.8% of teachers believe that HT shares visions with the teachers. iii) 81.8 % of teachers agreed that HT acts as a guide for all the staff, iv) 77.3% of teachers supported that HTprovide resources needed for all round development of the school, and v) 86.4% of teachers pointed out that HT works according to the rules of the school. The study has suggested implications for head teachers to develop leadership style, school administration, overall development all staff and student as well as organising professional development programmes.