International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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Print - ISSN: 2349 - 0853
e - ISSN: 2279 - 0179


(September 2018)

B.Ed. students’ life experiences

Authors: Dr. S. Geetha

Pages: 52-55


Life is a state that distinguishes organisms from non-living objects or dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism and reproduction. A motivational, developmental meta-model of the meaning of everyday life experiences is presented. The model proposes that there are 3 fundamental ways in which people establish meaning across the life span: the paths of belonging (relationships), doing (meaningful engagement in activities), and understanding oneself and the world. The principles of the model include intertwined, fundamental meanings of human experience; the indeterminacy of cause and effect; individual differences in preferences for ways of attaining meaning; the importance of commitments in life; and life-long adaptation and changes in meaning. The model provides an organizing framework that clarifies the assumptions of various disciplinary frames of reference with respect to establishing meaning in everyday life.