International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2018)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for students with psychological problems of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS): A Prospective study

Authors: [1] P. Pangajam [2] T. Veeramani

Pages: 59-64


Premenstrual symptoms are affecting up to 75 percent of women population. It affects the physical and psychological wellbeing of women, and also it impairs their social functioning. The current study examined the efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy for students with premenstrual syndrome. Students were assessed with psychological tools of General health questionnaire, Premenstrual symptom screening tool, Role acceptance scale and psychological wellbeing scale. Those who scored above mean score of GHQ and PSST were taken up for the study.36 students were found to be having premenstrual syndrome out of 100 students, of them 6 were declined to participate in the study. Remaining 30students allotted randomly to therapy and control group equally. Both the groups were compared after a period of 2 months thorough Cognitive behavior therapy. Pre and Post assessment was done after the intervention of cognitive behavior therapy, the results show that therapy group improved significantly in relation to reduction of premenstrual syndrome than the control group. There was also a change of attitude towards menstruation, enhanced role acceptance and psychological well-being.