International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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Print - ISSN: 2349 - 0853
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(December 2018)

Adolescents’ use of Self-Handicapping strategies in Academic context

Authors: [1] Asha Kumari B [2] Kalpana Venugopal

Pages: 13-17


In the present study, it is attempted to assess the use of Self-handicapping strategies in the academic context among secondary students of Mysuru district. This is a descriptive research survey method is used in the study. The Academic Self-Handicapping Scale developed by the researcher is used in the study. Descriptive statistics are used.The results showed that almost all students engaged themselves in self-handicapping behaviour at various levels in their learning context. It was found that boys engaged more in self-handicapping than girls. It was also found that students in schools of urban areas used more Self-handicapping strategies than students from schools in rural areas. The implications for teachers to bring in a reduction in the use of Selfhandicapping strategies among adolescents are discussed.