International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2018)

Verbal Learning: Model of Linear Differential Equation of Third Level

Authors: [1] Aminev E. G. [2] Wang Qing

Pages: 61-62


The hypothesis, that the information fixation processes in short-term and long-term person’s memory are most adequately described by differential equation of the third order, is put forward. 36 men were surveyed by learning of 15 words line. Learning of 15 words line during ten presentations was made. The experiences were carried out three times with different word lines and further the learning average curve was counted. The opportunity of process modeling by the third level differential equation is shown. The model can be used for material mastering styles study, both in experiment, and at the educational process efficiency analysis. The individual equations parameters dependence from all individuality levels - from personal up to membrane is assumed.