International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2019)

The Effectiveness of Self-Perceived Body Image on Emotional Dysregulation Among Adolescents and Young Adults

Authors: [1] Srishti Chanana [2] Ananya Sharma

Pages: 30-34


Body image is an individual's perception of their own physical self and their thoughts and feelings, which could be positive, negative or both, which stems from one’s perception. Emotional Dysregulation is an emotional counter that is imperfectly modulated, and does not fall within the established acquired range of emotive riposte. The aim of the present study is to assess the relationship between self-perceived body image and emotional dysregulation among adolescents and young adults. A purposive sample consisting of 150 participants, 75 males and females each, belonging to the age group of 15-23 years, were taken. The measures used in the present study were Emotional Dysregulation Scale (EDS) by Bradley et al., 2008 and Objectified Body Consciousness Scale (OBCS) by McKinley. This paper indentures a quantitative analysis by employing Correlation and TTest Method. The relationship between self-perceived body image and emotional dysregulation is comprehended to be bidirectional. There is an integral need to build a positive body image because body image could have effects on an individual's emotional regulation and negative image of our own bodies could lead to emotional dysregulation which hampers our day-today lives.