International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2019)

Investigating vocabulary instruction strategies for non English majored freshmen at Dong Nai Technology University

Authors: Cam Lien

Pages: 61-63


Vocabulary, as an integral part of a language, plays a crucial role in the language learning process. Deciding on proper goal to instruct specific terms need to be considerated scholarly. The main target of this study is to identify the strategies for teaching English vocabulary for non English majored first year students at Dong Nai Technology University. A group of 122 students consisting of 52 males and 70 females aged from19 to 21 took part in the study. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were applied in the paper including questionaire, interview, and observation for collecting reliable, valid, and accurate findings. Generally, the finding indicates students’ attitude toward teacher’s techniques for instructing English vocabulary. In addition, it is advisable for providing teachers appropriate teaching strategies to help learners overcome the obstacles when acquring vocabulary.