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(March 2019)

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment to Sustain Social Integrity

Authors: Ms. Ankita Khanna

Pages: 64-66


Moral standards, cultural values, honesty are the terms which are deep rooted in our society and when we combine these terms social integrity appears. Integration means to combine all those things which are not similar in nature or having various characteristics as a whole. Thus, social integration is a process in which members of a society having different religion, caste, culture, gender participate so that peaceful social relations can be maintained. The purpose of this article is to discuss in detail about social integrity, various problems that members of a society are facing due to disintegration and what steps should be taken by people to resolve this issue. This article will also discuss about how important is gender equality is in today’s scenario. It is the view that there should not be any kind of discrimination on the basis of gender as both men and women should be treated equally. The various problems regarding gender discrimination and to find out the solutions so that social integrity should be sustained are included in this article. It further highlights the importance of women empowerment which refers that women must also be included in the society, in the decision making process, they should be treated equally and should be given equal important in every field as they also have right to progress in a society. The social, economic, political and legal strength should be increased so that the status of women can be improved and they should be educated enough so that they can know about their rights and can use them judiciously. This article will also discuss about various issues that are related to women empowerment and how these issues can be resolved by each and every member of the society so that we can sustain the social integrity.