International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2019)

Effectiveness of Self Learning materials on Environmental Awareness among Secondary Teacher Trainees

Authors: [1] Sri G. B. Rajappa [2] Dr. M. M. Pattanashetty

Pages: 70-74


The present study is about the effectiveness of self-learning materials on environmental awareness among the secondary teacher trainees. For the study 100 students were selected by using random sampling technique. The Environmental Awareness Test (EAWT) developed by K. Yeshodhara was used to collect the data. Investigator has developed self-learning material in environmental education for B.Ed. trainees. Experimental design has been adopted for the present study. Experimental and control groups were selected for the study. In the traditional way, environmental education is taught to the control group. While teaching the experimental group the investigator has used self-learning materials. The intercorrelation of the variables has been analysed by correlation. To determine the difference between different groups one way ANOVAwas calculated. Hypotheses were examined in accordance with the objectives. The findings of the research can be used to provide environmental education effectively in training institutes. By using self-learning materials it has been found that environmental awareness among teacher trainees can be enhanced. Therefore self-learning materials used in experimental method are more effective than traditional method of learning environmental education.