International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2019)

Incorporating Activity-Based Counselling at School-Level Counselling Interventions to Enhance Social Competence in Adolescents

Authors: Kamal Gulati Manwani

Pages: 75-78


The primary goal of this research paper is to establish the fact that counseling interventions conducted in the form of activitybased sessions promise a better outcome to enhance social competence of adolescents as compared to lecture based group counseling. An experimental study was conducted over a period of 10 weeks on a randomly selected experimental group of 30 adolescent students of an NGO run school in Delhi NCR. During the study the experimental group went through activity-based counseling sessions developed by the researcher. The experimental group and the control group were subject to Pre and Posttests on Strengths and Difficulty Questionnaire by Goodman et al,1998. Statistical techniques were used to compare means and significant difference in two groups. Dependent t-test was used for both the groups. The results established that there is a significant increase in Strengths and decrease in Difficulties in adolescents as a result of activity-based counseling, rejecting the Null hypothesis. The paper also brings forth the suggestions with respect to school-based counseling interventions.