International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2012)

Electronic Media Based E-Education Model for Media Persons

Authors: Adesh Kumar Pandey

Pages: 12-18


E-education is distinctively and widely acknowledged for it‟s exhaustive utilization of information and communication technologies for teaching – learning process. Based on technological, structural, and financial capabilities, a number of varieties of technologies are applied in e-education learning systems. Print media (textbooks, study guides, study aids, and newspapers), audio media (Audio-books, audio-cards, records, audio-cassettes, reel-to-reel audiotapes, audio Compact-discs (CDs), telephones, cell phones, audio-texts, radios), and video media (Televisions, satellites, direct broadcast satellites, cable televisions, closed-circuit televisions, asynchronous and synchronous Podcasts and vodcasts, teleconferences, microwaves, interactive videos, teletexts, videotexts, computer internets, weblogs (blogs), electronic mails, chatrooms, and multimedia). Last decade has witnessed a virtual explosion in the advancements made in several areas of technology especially those relating to computer, networking, communications and electronic media, which have a direct bearing on the eeducation system. This paper extensively deals with all aspect of electronic media selection and its effectiveness in e- education system for media persons.