International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2019)

Prevalence Of Job Stress Among Primary School Teachers

Authors: Basavaraj Somanahalli, Dr. H. V. Vamadevappa

Pages: 5-8


The Present study was designed (i) To know the prevalence of job stress among primary teachers (ii) To identify the sources of job related stress among primary teachers (iii) To analyze health problems encountered due to job stress by primary teachers (iv) To find the difference in job stress among urban and rural, men and women, and government and private school primary teachers. Data were collected from 200 primary school teachers of Davangere taluk selected on stratified random sampling technique. Adapted version of job stress questionnaire prepared by yip kim shun of university of Hongkong (2009) was used to collect the data. Item wise percentage analysis was done to know the sources and health problems encountered due to job stress among primary teachers. Hypotheses were tested by using 't' test. The findings revealed that (i) Women teachers have high job stress when compared to men teachers (ii) Private school teachers are more stressed than Government school primary teachers. (iii) Job stress is always related with health related problems among primary teachers