International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2019)

Workplace Mental Health through the lens of Flow and Meaning Experience: A Literature Review

Authors: Salami Mutiu Olagoke

Pages: 67-70


This paper explores the dynamics underlying positive motivational factors in the organization and workers' psychological wellbeing. From review of related studies, it is argued that living a meaningful life is connected to work-life in collectivist societies. However, this construct is yet to be significantly explored in areas like South-East Asia, Middle-East, and Africa. Besides, as some research findings indicate how positive mental health in the workplace is connected to dramatic benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line, academicians and corporate bodies need to invest greater attention in exploring these positive psychological states regarding what makes life meaningful to their employees, and measures to restructure the work environment towards making workers to attain flow experience. Researchers are thus encouraged to focus on developing and adopting test materials measuring meaning and flow experience among Asian samples, including exploring psychosocial factors that predicts meaning and flow experience among workers.