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(June 2019)

Perspective Building about transition towards Quality Mandates from Equity and Access with reference to the Current Secondary Education System: Policies and Practices in India

Authors: Dr Aditi Banerjee

Pages: 76-81


Aim / purpose of writing the paper: This paper is an introduction and perspective building note about the significance of transition towards Quality Mandates from Equity and Access. It has been written with reference to the Current secondary and senior secondary education in India so as to bring it in light in the eyes of policy makers and highlight its role in the life of the general population of students. The school final year examination is the linkage of a student's school life and future. Hence making the educators, policy personnel and researchers aware about the evolution history and development of Secondary education in India is the motto of the research paper. A lot of focus has been given to the elementary and primary education system in India. The focus has always been enrolling children, giving them access to school and increasing equity or decreasing gender based disparity, less attention has been given to what after attaining that elementary education? What about the quality component discussed in the planning commission documents? The main agenda of this paper is to promote the thoughts and action in the direction of improvising the education system of teaching learning and assessment in India which will complete the circle of access, equity and quality. This paper highlights how access and equity agendas have been achieved but despite achieving that, there is a gap. The gap is visible by the example of ASER result trends post 2009. The students who will have a weak foundation will grow up and go to the secondary classes. Finally when they have to pass through the grade XII exams they will show poor results. Lack of policies for secondary education and overall quality of education is a concern.