International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2019)

Awareness and learning skills in ICT among B.Ed. trainees

Authors: Shivaraj K C, Dr. Vamadevappa H V

Pages: 9-12


The present study aims to examine the awareness and learning skills in ICTamong B.Ed trainees. The investigator has adopted causal comparative method under descriptive method of research. The sample consists of 400 B.Ed trainees from different colleges of Education selected by stratified random sampling technique. The investigator developed a self-made tools to measure the awareness and learning skills of the B.Ed trainees towards ICT. To interpret the raw scores, data were analysed using mean, standard deviation, t-test and correlation. The findings shows that significant and positive relationship was observed between learning skills in ICTand awareness towards ICTof B.Ed trainees. The B.Ed trainees of aided and unaided have similar awareness and similar learning skills in ICT, The female science B.Ed trainees have higher awareness and higher learning skill in ICTas compared to male and Arts B.Ed trainees.