International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2019)

Attitudes on Gender Based Violence Among the Students of RAK Medical and Health Sciences University (RAKMHSU)

Authors: Omar Al Jadaan, Zita Lobo, Nageeb Al Basha

Pages: 20-25


Gender is a major determinant of health and awareness and therefore, gender research is of pivotal importance in universities to create gender equality awareness and competence to transact efficiently in the society. A major issue regarding gender relations is the inequity delineated in the violence that people mete out to each other in a relationship. The manifestations are more obvious on women as victims of violence though the impact cannot be undermined among men. As extensive research literature points towards the trend that violent relationships are frequent and repetitive among young males and females this study researched on the attitudes of students regarding the situations in which violence according to them is justified. This study examined whether cultural norms and structural frameworks reflect their decision to be physically violent towards the other person and whether gender is a determinant. Methods: The researchers administered a questionnaire to both male and female students for quantitative data. It was a cross sectional study with random sampling. Both male and female students with a sample size of 324 with ages between of 17-60 were selected. Results: AChi-square test was applied and a significant correlation between age, gender and nationalities was found in relation to the attitudes towards gender violence. Conclusion: The study concluded that the attitudes of the students on gender-based violence endorse tolerance and positivity and show that the students in general are conscious of others' rights as people.