International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2019)

Impact of Feedback on Students Learning - A Perspective Building Qualitative Research Article

Authors: Dr Aditi Banerjee

Pages: 82-86


What does every teacher and educator want as a passionate goal of his profession? It is undoubtedly about putting in every effort to impact the student learning. But does every effort, every intervention actually lays an impact on improvising student learning? To understand this a review of John Hattie's study which illustrates the Meta-analysis conducted on different factors impacting teaching learning process was done. In this desk review process it was found that Feedback given by teachers is one of the most important factor impacting the student learning. The purpose is to increase awareness and familiarity of proven methods of sharing feedback for student learning and provide recommendations to utilize the shared knowledge to improve student learning. The intent of utilizing Prof. John Hattie's work and putting the focus on Impact of Feedback is all the more linked to the Modern theory of Assessment. The purpose here is to promote Assessment for learning and Learning to move on the Developmental Continua