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(June 2019)

Underachievement of Students in Technical Education Subjects in Guyana School System

Authors: Sandeep Kumar, Ritesh Tularam

Pages: 104-110


Underachievement of students in technical education subjects is considered to be a major educational issue. Ministers of Education across the Commonwealth and throughout the English speaking Caribbean have raised the issue of underachievement. In Guyana, the issue has formed a key component in the educational reforms proposed by the Governmental agency responsible for education within the country: namely the Ministry of Education. The underachievement of students in technical subjects is a topic which has raised significant debate and a host of divergent hypotheses. This theoretical paper utilises the content analysis technique in an attempt to analyze the literature available on this issue, particularly those produced within the Caribbean; it may be argued however, evidence within the Caribbean remains limited. Nevertheless, factors such as parent's perception, teacher bias, overcrowded classrooms, teacher efficacy, students' self-interest and continuous technical teacher professional training are some of t