International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2019)

Artist Commons and Appropriation by Local Government in Seoul, Korea

Authors: Keebom Nahm

Pages: 6-9


Urban commons is an emerging concept focused on the social production and collaborations in a metropolitan setting as an alternative both for market and state in this neoliberal urbanism. This paper investigates the artist movements in Seoul, their characteristics, conflicts, appropriations, and the commoning processes. After discussing the urban commons-related concepts and synthesizing them as a system, it examines the repercussions and implications of the oasis project, the artist squatting and Mullae art village, the spontaneous artist community practice movements in detail. Finally, it investigates the appropriation process of the tactic urban commons into government urban policies, or strategic urban commons and discusses the emergence of culture-led urban gentrification in detail.