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(September 2019)

Investigating Pre Service Economics Teachers’ Experiences in Developing and Implementing ICT Integrated Lessons

Authors: Raju A Talreja

Pages: 10-18


The purpose of the paper was to investigate Pre Service Economics Teachers (PSETs) experiences in developing and implementing ICTintegrated lessons through collaborative design teams using knowledge building activities. The ICTlessons were based on TPACK Model by Mishra and Koehler. were achieved by using interpretative phenomenological analysis where the emergent themes were identified and interpreted. These themes were extracted from the PSETs written reflections, semistructured interviews. The themes were then clustered in a meaningful way by looking for connections between them to answer minor research questions of PSETs experiences during a) development of ICT integrated lesson plans for teaching Economic concepts using on learning activity type of knowledge building, b) during the implementation of ICT integrated lessons in Economics, c) challenges did the PSETs face while integrating ICTin the teaching of Economics for knowledge building and d) perceptions of PSETs of the LBD approach to developing TPACK