International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2019)

Role of Stakeholders & Teacher Education Institutions for Promoting Innovative Pratices for Professional Development of Teachers

Authors: Geeta Rani, Rachna Jalan

Pages: 19-20


To make Indian education a strong contestant in the scholastic competition of the globe a thorough professional development of teachers with highly innovative paradigms and practices is called for. This augments the responsibilities of stakeholders and teacher education institutions for stimulating state-of-the-art practices for improving teacher proficiency. The core areas to be addressed are preparing the student teachers for the future trends, making them technologically adept with special emphasis on digital literacy and collaborative learning. Also, an ideal teacher training program should encompass clear relevancy of what is expected and to be taught, focus on roles, functions and professional development of teacher educators and incorporate a handsin-hands theory practical curriculum. Catering to the present educational needs is not enough, anticipating and preparing for the future trend is required too.