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(December 2019)

An Awareness Programme for Improving the Socio-Economic Status of Culturally Disadvantaged Children

Authors: Dr. Anitha N.

Pages: 1-3


This paper tries to explain the awareness programmes for improving the socio-economic status of culturally disadvantaged children. In most classrooms, there are some children who are socio-culturally deprived and under privileged. In recent literature the term socially disadvantaged or simply ‘disadvantaged’ is used to refer to these children who are economically, educationally, linguistically or socially disadvantaged. A disadvantaged child is identified as one who confronts a sustaining inadequacy of basic necessities of life.main programe An interactive class on career development:- It is conducted with the help of a slide show. A brain storming is held on feasible ideas of income generating activities at self-employment level.An interactive session with a discussion on benefits of self-reliance:- Here the participants are convinced that the resultant positive social mobility with heightened self-esteem will bring out a positive change in their lives.Class on the effective ways of saving money:- Discussion using a prompts such as newspaper cuttings and video clips; interactive session and brain storming techniques are used as the classroom strategies.