International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2019)

Effectiveness of Teacher Training Program on the Attitude of Student Teachers

Authors: Dr. Anita Swami, Dr. Archana Katgeri

Pages: 8-10


The success of a school depends largely on its teachers. Amongst all the attributes, the teachers’ attitude towards the entire teaching profession is very crucial. A positive attitude will enhance the teaching learning process thereby ensuring the quality of the education. It is also seen that the teachers have a great influence on the students. Thus, it is important to train the teachers to be more proficient and competent to carry out their role effectively. The following study focusses on measuring the effectiveness of the two-year teacher training program on the attitude of the student teachers. Statistical test like the mean scores, were considered and ' t' value was calculated to find the difference in the attitude of the student teachers towards the different aspects like teaching profession, classroom teaching, child-centred practices, educational process, pupils and teachers. The study revealed that the two-year teacher training program helped to bring a positive change in the attitude of the student teachers.