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(December 2019)

Energized, Engaged and Capable Faculty

Authors: Seema Sadiq

Pages: 11-15


“Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in man” it is said by Swami Vivekananda . This quotation clears the real meaning of EDUCATION . Education is considered the best tool by which it helps all over development of a personality. God has given a person so much qualities but it is the Education which helps to lead out these traits . The greatness of a country doesn’t depend upon lofty buildings ,gigantic projects and large armies. The ultimate test of a nation’s greatness is the quality of its citizens. Educational institutions are entrusted the responsibility of developing attitudes , feelings, perceptions, insight , abilities and skills important for enrichment of personalities of individual students. So the progress of society and country depends upon the quality of its educational institutions. The future of the country, therefore , depends upon the type of Education and training imparted in the education institutions. Education commission has observed that the progress of a country is now being shaped in schools. It cannot be denied that the standard of living of people can be raised only by educating them . So that they can enhance and use their capabilities to the right way . Education can help a person’s social and economic conditions. Many Education policies have been formed for the development of our country. So keeping in mind the importance of Education ,NEW EDUCATION POLICY is formed.. This paper discussed about one of the chapters of the Draft of ‘New Education Policy 2019 ' formulated by the Indian government that is “Energized, Engaged and Capable Faculty”.