International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(December 2019)

Applying Jigsaw Technique to Improve Reading Comprehension Skill for English-Majored Freshmen at Dong Nai Technology University

Authors: Lam Thi Phan

Pages: 24-28


The paper is a research of applying jigsaw technique conducted with English-majored freshmen in higher education. Both of qualitative and quantitative methods were employed in the research. The results show that jigsaw brought a lot of advantages in improving students’ reading comprehension ability. The students have students more opportunities to share ideas, assisting and encouraging each other’s efforts to achieve the learning goals; working together creates a collaborative learning context that brings an active classroom atmosphere so that jigsaw boost students’ learning and academic achievement. In generally, the students shows favourable attitudes towards to application of jigsaw in the classroom. Thus, the researcher suggests that EFL teachers consider using jigsaw technique in reading classes.