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(December 2019)

The Role of Psychometrics in Selection of an Institutional Head for a CBSE School – A Study

Authors: Dr. Nimrat Singh

Pages: 29-35


The emerging academic policies, coupled with the complex teaching and learning processes and the changing needs and attitudes of students calls for the robust selection process of the institutional head. It is the Principal who directs and influences the staff and students to reach their highest potential and goals. Schools have recognised the importance of the role and started to invest significantly in resources and sophisticated techniques to cherry pick the best leader (Principal). The focus of the consultant was to design a battery of tests to scientifically select the right fit to head a prestigious Central Board School of Gujarat. In the present study, 11 candidates were shortlisted from a pool of 600 candidates. 5 candidates were selected for the final assessment. They were put through a two day selection process that included psychometric assessment – followed by the work sample test and panel interview. The below paper explores the role and effectiveness of psychometric assessment in identifying the most competent candidate with regard to her competency, motivation and match to head the Institution.