International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2020)

A Study of Environmental Ethics of Prospective Teachers

Authors: Dr. Sangeeta Gupta

Pages: 1-3


“Environment”- our surroundings, conditions and influences that shape our life on this earth- could be considered as a resource that affects human beings directly or indirectly. Environmental issues became international priorities though they were seen as local or regional concerns because they have become extraneous to economic growth, health, nature and aesthetics. We need to defuse the environmental problem, but such needed action will come only if we reorient the citizenry’s values, i.e. imbibe prospective teachers with proper attitudes and values(ethics) , especially those who will lead to a greater concern for preserving balance in the ecosystem. Environmental ethics refers to the responsibility to understand the environmental consequences of our consumption, and need to recognize our individual and social responsibility to conserve natural resources and protect the earth for future generations. This study tries to investigate the environmental ethics of prospective teachers by using Normative Survey Method.The Study was carried out through Cluster Random Sampling. This study found no significant difference in the level of environmental ethics of male and female, rural and urban prospective teachers. But a significant difference was found in the level of environmental ethics of married and unmarried prospective teachers because a sense of responsibility developed among married prospective teachers and they found themselves more concerned towards environment after marriage.