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(March 2020)

Aggression Among Adolescents in Relation to Personality Hardiness

Authors: Dr Veena Rani

Pages: 9-13


A study was conducted to find out Aggression among adolescent in relation to Personality Hardiness. The sample consists out of 100 adolescents students were equally distributed boys and girls. Further out of 50 boys, (25 belonging to urban residential background and 25 belonging to rural residential background). In the same way out of 50 girls, (25 were from urban residential background and 25 from rural residential background) studying in 10+1 and 10+2 from Government Senior Secondary School of Ludhiana District of Punjab State. Manifest Aggression Scale by Singh,R.A (1986) and Personality Hardiness scale was used by Nowac (1990) was used .The result revealed that there was negative correlation aggressions with personality hardiness among adolescent students total wise, gender wise and locale but statistically significant. Further result revealed that there is a significant difference of aggression among adolescent boys and girls and also belonging to residential background (urban and rural).