International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(March 2020)

Information and Communication Technology as an Emerging Tool of Learning: Evidence From Different Countries

Authors: Sarabjit Kaur

Pages: 25-28


Information and Communication technology (ICT) has an enormous impact on the lives of individuals, societies, industries, business, education and overall development of any nation. In this knowledge driven society, ICTis emerging as an important tool of information and learning and due to this the recent global development agenda recognizes the need of developing technical and vocational skills among youth and adults for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship. ICTis being used in the field of education much longer than it is usually recognized and the innovative educational programmes started with the help of ICT have proved quite successful for the expansion of education in remote areas and also for enhancing the learning of children, youth and adults in almost all the countries of the world. This article is an attempt to review the ICTbased innovative programs and projects of different countries which have proved quite successful for enhancing the access of education and for promoting learning of all. In this globalized world, where the educational inequality like the other forms of inequality is rising day by day, such ICTbased programs can reduce the prevalent inequalities in the access of education.