International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2020)

Psychometric qualities of the Multidimensional Academic Interest Scale (M.A.I.S) : Study among lower secondary school students in Togo

Authors: Bawa Ibn Habib

Pages: 1-5


The Togolese scientific literature suffers not only from a lack of work relating to school interest but also from a lack of instruments capable of measuring this construct among pupils. This study is envisaged to fill these gaps. Thus, it proposes to undertake the first part of the validation of the Multidimensional Academic Interest Scale (EMIA) of Fenouillet & al (2017) with the objective of verifying its psychometric qualities. To achieve this objective, 326 pupils (154 boys and 172 girls; average age = 16 years old) from lower secondary school, selected at random, were mobilised. The data collected were processed using SPSS 21 software. The results confirm those of the authors of the scale: the flattening and asymmetry indices, as well as Cronbach's alpha coefficients are satisfactory; the correlations items-total score and dimensions-total score and the factor analyses perfectly support a solution with three factors each corresponding to the dimensions of the scale.