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(June 2020)

Investigating the Problems and Status of Education of Street Children during COVID-19 in India

Authors: Shubham Kumar Pati

Pages: 14-16


This paper explores the educational dimension of street children during COVID-19 in a theoretical perspective. The introduction of COVID-19 in India projects major challenges in the field of education and a rush on ICT enabled education has been started to maintain the educational status among students. This surprised and drastic change brought major obstacles in the front of several fields of education including education for homeless children. As their teaching-learning process and composition contains location-wise deviation, so, variation and flexibility in plans could be required to administer properly. Unfortunately, India was not entirely ready to apply the absolute ICT Enabled education but the pandemic forced to do so. Also, ICT qualified education among street children is another wider aspect of the institutional field. So, the accomplishment of the plans for mainstream or regular students could not be comprehensive for street children too. The principal motto of this paper is to identify the status and issues facing by the street children for their education and to provide the strategies and approaches to solve the challenges.