International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2020)

Impact of Online Education on Students During Lockdown

Authors: Dr. Nimisha Elais

Pages: 28-32


Education is the basis of personality building in any country or society. Whenever there is a change in the society due to any problem and adverse circumstances, then the education system is affected the most, because it has been believed since ancient times that the change in the society comes only through education. At present, the whole world and our country is going through the problem of a pandemic like corona virus, to face this pandemic like corona virus, unexpected situation like lockdown has to be implemented. The impact of the society as well as its impact is also visible on the education system. Due to the closure of all activities and the mechanism of the Government to abide by the rules of social distancing, online education is being encouraged under Eeducation instead of the prevailing education system. There are some advantages of this online education, so there are some disadvantages. Since education is concerned with the student, we are having the greatest impact of the new system on the students. Some students are taking it enthusiastically and some are unable to take advantage of this new online education system in the absence of adequate resources