International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2020)

A Study of Metacognition Awareness and Achievement Motivation in Higher Secondary School Students

Authors: Ummema F. Mithaiwala , Prof. Dr. Rajashree Kapure

Pages: 46-49


Metacognition is the ability to reflect upon, understand and control one’s learning. Whereas, Achievement motivation is the constant pursuit to achieve excellence. Although, there has been plenty of research regarding the Metacognition Awareness and Achievement Motivation w.r.t. different age groups, the research with regard to distinct streams with age group of 15-16 yr. has been neglected so far. Therefore, the present study was conducted to compare and examine the relationship between metacognition awareness and achievement motivation in higher secondary school students (15-16 yr.) from humanities and science stream. Tools such as Meta-cognitive Awareness Inventory (MAI) and Deo Mohan Achievement Motivation, (n- Ach) were administered to the sample of 66 students of both streams. It was found that there was positive correlation between Metacognition Awareness and Achievement Motivation. Moreover, the students of both streams differed on both the dimensions, for Metacognition Awareness and Achievement Motivation with values,(‘t’=3.14) and (‘t’=0.48) respectively. As a part of correlational findings metacognition awareness and achievement motivation were moderately correlated with each other for humanities higher secondary school students (‘r’=0.27), whereas for the science higher secondary school students there exists high correlation as they are positively correlated with each other (‘r’= 0.72). Thus with an attempt to focus on psychological causal factors, the sample survey significantly proves the difference and relationship amongst the limited sample size and also comparatively covering a smaller geographical area. This study will focus on assessing and examining the metacognition awareness and achievement motivation with varied sample which will be helpful in the evaluation of various educational programmes and activities in educational settings