International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2020)

Predictive Model of Learning Analytics for On-Ground Verses Online Assessment

Authors: S. Bhuma Devi , Preeti Jain

Pages: 56-59


Educating the young generation is one of the noble and significant profession for the society’s future betterment. After COVID- 19 Pandemic lock down release it will be very important and essential for every human being in the world especially in India to follow some of the rules which are instructed by the Government and health ministry. In this scenario, maximum number of institutions have opted the method of online teaching and online assessments. Many of the educators were not prepared for such situation in many parts of the globe especially those are in developing countries. In order to handle the situation many Institutions offered Online training to their faculties. In which educators have been given a glance of experience and shown the method in which they can proceed with the process of online teaching. In this paper we will see the how the process started and what are the problems, faced by the educators and learners. To overcome the problems how the Machine Learning Model, that is Linear Regression predictive Model is helpful for the creation of Learning environment in future. The teaching-learning exercise was focussed on the learner’s centric approach for the Engineering Mathematics especially calculus concept acquisition.