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(June 2020)

Going Green with Information and Communication Technologies in Universities for Sustainable Development

Authors: Dr. Razia B.

Pages: 65-68


In the context of Education, Green ICT (Information and Communication Technology) refers to the use of computers and other communication systems as eco friendly practices in the educational institutions that lowers negative impact on the environment which in turn relates with sustainable development. It has been observed that universities and colleges are the major users of several techno-pedagogical equipments that are energy-consuming devices. From past few years, there is an increase pressure for employing sustainable practices in educational institutions. It is vital that certain policies and procedures need to be followed by universities in India in order to reduce their carbon footprints. In this article, energy conserving strategies and recycling methods related to ICT use in the Higher Education Institutions have been discussed. Further some topics for Green ICT curriculum at graduate level and suggestions for stake holders have been given.