International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(June 2020)

Competence Level of Regular Teachers Special Pedagogy in Education in Inclusive School at Pre-Primary & Sr. Secondary Level” A Comparative Study

Authors: Mrs. Anuradha Amos , Dr. Munender Kr. Tyagi

Pages: 75-77


Competence level of Regular teacher’s special education pedagogy in Inclusive school at pre-primary and Sr. Secondary level”. AComparative study. In this study about 30 teacher at pre-primary and 40 teachers at sr. secondary level were taken throughquestionnaire, normality teat was used to analyse the collected data and homogeneity and t-test were also used for the purpose, it was found in the result that both the variables were normal and homogeny and regular teachers average score in pedagogy competence at preprimarylevel was found 61.5, where the pedagogy competence at higherschool level was found 48.78. So it is concluded that regular teachers’ special education and competence level at elementary school is higher than senior school level.