International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2020)

Metacognitive Awareness among Adolescents

Authors: Dr. Archana Singhal

Pages: 5-7


Metacognition is the awareness about and control over the way information is acquired, processed and stored in the human mind. The present study was conducted to find out the metacognitive awareness of adolescent. The sample comprised of 388 students (222 boys and 166 girls) studying in VIII, IX and X standards. The study examined the impact of gender and levels of education on metacognitive awareness. Metacognitive Awareness Scale was used to collect responses. Among students of X standard, metacognitive awareness of the boys was better than girls, while of students of VIII and IX standards did not record significance differences in metacognitive awareness between genders. The students of IX standard showed better metacognitive awareness as compared to that of VIII and X standards. Previous researches, however, revealed that girls are better in metacognitive knowledge while boys are in metacognitive regulation. The finding of this study denotes that gender differences and levels of education have profound relevance to teaching and learning.