International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2020)

Inclusion of Environmental Behaviour in Environmental Education

Authors: Dr. Archana Singhal

Pages: 8-9


The emerging environmental problems like Global Warming, Ozone Holes and Desertification are societal in nature and can be solved only by a collective action of the society. Environmental educators are of the opinion that environmental endeavours should focus not only on awareness, but also on attitudes and skill development towards solving the environmental problems. The teachers as well as students should be exposed to higher levels of knowledge and practical implications of environmental issues. Present paper focuses on the need of inclusion of environmental behavior in the syllabus of environmental education to maintain a quality environment. Human behavior has the potential to make drastic changes to the environment. Practicing beneficial behavior may save our planet from environmental crisis. If we collectively work to battle this giant threat to environment, we may be able to reverse the effects towards sustainable society.