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(September 2020)

Drama and Art in 2 years B.Ed course: The challenge for Prospective Teachers

Authors: Dr. Temsurenla

Pages: 22-25


Transformational education involves reflection, introspection and action, with deep relationship between the head, heart and hand. Learning is enhanced through Drama in education which helps learners to extend their awareness, through multiple perspectives, to look at reality through fantasy, and to predict everyday situations in order to cope with unpredictable unsettling experiences. Drama and Art is not incorporated in the B.Ed programme to make the student actors, painters or artist but to make them realize that they are equally creative and smart. It is taught to boost their skills of creativity, self-confidence, critical thinking and presentation to help them teach their respective subject interestingly in the class. The activities, exercise designed in the facilitation allows the participants to engage them democratically and creatively. Drama and Art in education comes under the EPC II(Enhancing professional competencies).As the name of the course itself suggest, it basically used as a teaching medium to make teaching learning meaningful and critical. The subject is executed very differently from the other normal classes .It is implemented in the form of workshop sessions and lectures as it demands practical activity. Drama and art class are process oriented and students go through a process of unlearning to understand the application of drama and art in education. The outcome is that it allows re-imagining education from a new perspective; Education is not anymore a linear way of memorizing and reproducing in the exam. Introducing drama and art in the B.Ed programme is a brilliant move because it is the key to re -understand the idea of education in the 21st century.