International Journal of Education and Psychological Research

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(September 2020)

Use of E-Resources by Post Graduate students in K.T.H.M. College, Nashik: a Survey

Authors: Mr. Patil Sharad Shantilal

Pages: 26-29


The study aimed at finding the use of e-resources by the post graduate students in K.T.H.M. College, Nashik. A questionnaire was created on Google Forms and link is send through e-mail addresses among the Post Graduate Students to collect desired data. A total of 97 students’ questionnaires send. Their responses get on Google drive of investigator from which the data analysized. The study found that the majority of users are aware about the availability of e-resources. Majority of the respondents 54.64 % use e-resources for their Study. The analysis reveals that many of the respondents search e-resources through linking facility available on the library website at least once a week. Post Graduate Students used e-resources for easy access and library website have user-friendly interface. This study observed that in digital era Post Graduate student used e-resources by anywhere, anytime etc.; no time and boundaries limitations.